Books Every Shopify Store Owner/Entrepreneur Should Read

The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk  is an entrepreneur turned social media guru who was laughed at when he stood in front of a room of people and told them that social media is the key to business success in 1997. This book is about turning your genuine interests in your customers into customer loyalty. Today’s businesses have to work especially hard in order to successfully navigate TV, radio, the controversial social media and online marketing worlds. This book talks about applying concepts from the “good old days”, where businesses were personally involved with their customers, and genuinely interested in their well being. He says that every company, no matter the size, has a lot to benefit from cultivating a personal relationship with customers.

The Startup Owner’s Manual by Steve Blank and Bob Dorf

Steve Blank is helping in reshaping how startups are built and entrepreneurship is taught. Bob Dorf is a serial entrepreneur who founded  his first success at age 22.

More than 100,000 entrepreneurs rely on this book. This 608 page long book  includes over 100 charts, graphs, and diagrams, plus 77 valuable checklists that guide you as you drive your company toward profitability. It will help you to Avoid the 9 deadly sins that destroy startups chances for success, Use the Customer Development method to bring your business idea to life, Identify your customers and determine how to “get, keep and grow” customers profitably and Compute how you’ll drive your startup to repeatable and scalable profits. What makes this book unique is its lessons in building customer-centric strategies, business-building strategies, and scaling a business.

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

If you’re thinking about starting a business, especially a business that you expect to grow, this book belongs on your must-read list.Phil’s story moves you with his honesty and how he built his empire. The story unravels the chaotic journey riddled with mistakes, endless struggles and sacrifice.

The main message by Phil Knight in his book Shoe Dog and the context for the entire book is on how we must pursue our calling and not even think about stopping. It’s not about passion, but we have to be obsessed with what we want to pursue and you have to make it work. No maybes about it. Phil says the only way to be successful in business is to be a risk taker, be authentic and be true to yourself.

Originals by Adam Grant

“…when it comes to idea generation, quantity is the most predictable path to quality. “Original Thinkers,” Stanford professor Robert Sutton notes, “will come up with many ideas that are strange mutations, dead ends and utter failures. The cost is worthwhile because they also generate a larger pool of ideas — especially novel ideas”

Originals is one of the most important and captivating books.  Adam Grant breaks down what “being original” means by studying habits of highly creative professionals and dispelling a number of myths related to originality. Apart from teaching leaders on building a culture that welcomes dissent, it’s also a great guide for parents and teachers to nurture originality in children. Pick this book for groundbreaking insights on rejecting conformity and making our world a better place.

Mindset by Carol Dweck

Dweck offers new insights into her now famous and broadly embraced concept. She introduces a phenomenon she calls false growth mindset and guides people toward adopting a deeper, truer growth mindset. She also expands the mindset concept beyond the individual, applying it to the cultures of groups and organizations. With the right mindset, you can motivate those you lead, teach, and love. The major crux of the book is that there are two kind of people in this world: those that have a ‘fixed’ mindset, and those that have a ‘growth’ mindset.The book is both practical and tactical, and it will give you a deep understanding of how your mindset affects your success and productivity. Carol Dweck found that the only thing that separates people who succeed from those who don’t is whether or not they have a growth mindset. This book is about that mindset, and how you can learn it and use it. The book sounds a bit corny on the surface, but when you dive in, it’s entertaining, fun, practical, and definitely worth your time.

The Best Service is No Service by Bill Price and‎ David Jaffe

Bill Price and David Jaffe offer a new, game-changing approach, showing how managers are taking the wrong path and are using the wrong metrics to measure customer service. `The Best Service Is No Service` shows that customers don’t want a `relationship` with a company – they want to buy their product and they want it to work. In fact, customer service relationships are associated by most people as negative since you only need them when something goes wrong. In their book, the authors explain seven strategies that companies should use to eliminate the need for customer service altogether.

Lead With a Story by Paul Smith

Stories have the power to shape ideas, communicate a vision, and ultimately change the world. This is the premise of entrepreneur Paul Smith’s brilliant book. Lead With a Story delves into the subject of storytelling and harnessing a narrative to lead, motivate, and inspire.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk

In his characteristic streetwise style, Gary Vaynerchuk writes this bestseller on connecting with your customers in the 21st century. The social media expert lays out perhaps his best tricks on winning your customers’ hearts with engaging storytelling on social platforms. The author talks about the right ‘jabs’ and ‘hooks’ in an age of social media. Learn why creating high-quality content doesn’t cut it anymore, but creating high-quality and tailored content for social does. Get a copy to learn the art of hooking your customers on social media, from the expert himself.

One-Click by Richard Brandt

The book explains how Bezos learned from early mistakes,The biggest eCommerce enterprise, Amazon’s business model is as simple as it gets – makes online shopping so convenient that customers don’t even think of looking elsewhere.

Founders at Work by Jessica Livingston

This book features a collection of interviews with some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. How did they start? What happened in the early days of the company? How did they convince investors? How did they get to where they are? These are some questions you’ll find answers to. It is a collection of interviews with founders of famous technology companies about what happened in the very earliest days. The interviews talk about how some of the huge companies started. This book has a chapter on Steve Wozniak from Apple. She also talks to Evan Williams from Twitter and that too before he founded twitter.

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