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Your product is developed, the website is prepared and you’re able to ship. As a web merchant, making your first sale is typical because it is significant.
Completing the primary sale feels like snapping the finger or walking within the garden. However, don’t let the easy concept of a primary sale mislead you.
You need to work and prepare a proper marketing strategy for your products. You can not rely on a hit and trial method for this. Research the existing players in your niche and prepare notes. Come up with a road map on how you should plan your activities to increase the visibility of your store. Don’t worry let us help you in finding some great insights and help you make your store some great kicking orders.

Validate Your Distribution Channels

Some fundamental steps that can be included as part of your marketing initiatives can be:

  • Facebook

    Social Media is the game-changer today. Optimize it to get the most out of it. Facebook, in particular, is one of those social media platforms that has the largest user base.

    Invest your time properly, become active, post regularly, join groups, connect with people, talk about your product, etc. You can even create a Facebook page and advertise your products. Adding to that list, you just can not ignore the potential of Facebook ads.

  • Pinterest and Instagram

    Who does not like an awesome image of a cool product? It catches our attention within a snap of a second. Pinterest and Instagram have gained a huge user base recently.

    So, when planning your marketing strategies for your e-commerce store, don’t forget to exploit these platforms to their utmost capability.

  • Google Ads

    Google Ads is one of the most popular pay-per-click or per impression programs. Adsense allows businesses to place their ads on Google’s search results. These ads are not specifically for their Google search results but work on all the other Google platforms like YouTube, Google my Business, etc.

  • Influencer Marketing

    Whether you personally believe it or not, but, Influencer marketing is a real thing. People listen to them. They want to use everything their influencers are using. So take advantage of this, reach out to the influencers, send them your product and ask them to review it for them.

    However, don’t select an influencer only based on the number of followers. Do proper research. See, if their followers are real or they are nothing more than numbers. Because your aim is to utilize their influence and increase your sales. So, don’t forget to do your part of the research first.

  • Your personal network

    By your personal network, we mean your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances. Tell them about your product. Ask them to try them and post them on social media platforms. They can act as an excellent source of marketing without the need of spending money.

  • Blogging

    Blogging is an essential component of any online strategy. If you think you can do without a blog, you are denying the vast possibility of increasing your online sales. People search for the silliest things on the internet. What you come across from a search result is nothing but content of different types. So, start today. Be consistent and stick to your niche.

    You have an online store so you can write about how to start one. When you write useful content, it will help you draw genuine traffic to your website which may also help in increasing your sales.

    You know how to attract more users and convert to customers?

    Users will visit your online store. You need to make it presentable. The first impression is always the last. So, you have a single chance to impress leads and convert them into your customers.

    It should look welcoming and display all the relevant information properly. Most importantly, it should be responsive. By responsive means, it should be mobile-friendly. Today, almost everyone has a mobile phone with internet or a WiFi connection. So, chances are high that 8 out of 10 customers visit your store from a mobile.

  • M-Commerce can help make your store stand out than competitors.

    Today, more than half of the population uses a mobile phone. So, you should keep in mind that your store should be responsive to meet the requirements of mobile devices. E-commerce stores are gradually shifting towards m-commerce because of the high potential it carries. Work on getting a mobile app and a mobile website ready to increase your reach to a wider set of audience.

    Some strategies you can start initial selling by implementing such:

    • ReferralsReferral has made an especially bland shift to the mobile apps platform. Amidst customers becoming easy to access all their contacts and social apps. Mobile Apps, the act of sharing enhances virtually seamless and offers to referral becomes way more than usual marketing. Someone can share straight from your brand app with just a few taps. And can make a chain of referrals amongst users’ networks.
    • Personalized OffersPeople love to get something extra, especially on apps where you can track users and give them customized discounts or coupons or freebies or try on some other loyalty programs in order to gain or retain your customers. You can do it from time to time or on special occasions like at festivals, their birthdays, or even first order discounts

    Do you know?

    Bizwizely provides mobile apps for your online store and gives your store a new edge to keep in the moving market. You care for your sales and we will take care of your tech side. So that you enjoy doing what matters to you.

    There are a million ways to land your first customer online. The goal is not just to make the initial sales but to retain them and the conversion of leads into prospective customers. All this can be done by increasing the visibility of your online store.

    What’s the Conclusion then?

    However, to increase the visibility of your store, the primary focus should be on social media and content marketing. These can help you generate organic traffic to your website. Start focussing on the m-commerce part as well. This is the need of the hour.

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